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Size Chart

* Guidance sizes table provided by the manufacturers. A size guide is not substitute for a physical test in a Casco Antiguo Store. Likewise, Casco Antiguo is not responsible for possible manufactures unannounced variations.

Size Chart "TDS - Drysuits"

Height 160-170 165-175 170-180 175-185 180-190 185-195
Weight 60-75 70-80 75-85 80-90 85-95 95-115
Chest 85-95 90-100 95-105 100-110 105-115 110-120
Waist 75-85 80-95 85-100 90-105 95-110 100-115
Hip 85-95 90-100 95-105 100-110 105-115 110-120
Foot Size 36/38 38/40 40/42 42/44 44/46 46/48
Shock Size M L XL XXL 3XL 4XL
Boot Size M L XL XXL 3XL

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The TDS Norway drysuit, along with its twin the Quebec, are the range in compressed neoprene of TDS watertight suits. 

The Norway model, is the variant more directed towards the technical diver, which stands out for incorporating a pocket of ample dimensions and a sock-type foot closure to be able to use with a Rock boot to taste and making the whole suit lighter, also making it possible to turn the suit completely around.

Compressed Neoprene:

The wetsuit is made of 4mm compressed foam neoprene, laminated with nylon fabric on both sides. Compressed foam neoprene is very dense and has the virtue of resisting compression at great depths. Thus, the suit retains much of its surface buoyancy and requires less air input to maintain neutral buoyancy; it also offers greater thermal efficiency at greater depths. Unlike trilaminate suits, neoprene offers thermal protection and has inherent buoyancy, and usually requires less added insulation under the suit than trilaminate in all circumstances.

Neoprene Sock:

This variant incorporates neoprene sock instead of built-in boot, giving greater versatility, ease of donning and maintenance, as well as greater size adaptability, as body measurements do not have to exactly match standard foot sizes.

The diver can choose which type of boot or bootie he wants to wear, according to his taste or adaptability.

Easier to hang, it increases lightness and even allows the legs to be turned around to better ventilate the inner foot area, something unthinkable in suits with built-in boot.


Equipped with a watertight zipper positioned horizontally along the shoulders to allow entry into the drysuit. Ask your partner to place a finger just in front of the slider when closing it, so that underwear or other objects are kept away from the zipper teeth. Also, make sure your partner places the inside flap of the zipper correctly before closing it.

Neoprene Sleeves:

Sleeves are constructed of ultra-flexible neoprene for easy donning and improved watertightness.


The included hood features watertight cuff for face and neck.

Flexible Kneepads:

Reinforcement in the knee area in flexible material, which allows the suit to gain in lightness and flexibility of movement, in addition to protecting an area of frequent friction.

Integrated pocket:

Large pocket located on the left leg, with easy access zipper and drainage holes to prevent water pockets inside.

Carry Bag:

Delivered in a carrying bag. Its flat design allows it to be opened and used as a dressing mat to keep your feet clean while putting on and taking off the suit. Inside the bag, there is a zipper lubricant.

Si-Tech valves:

The TDS Norway drysuit is equipped with the Si-Tech low profile valve system , the most reliable, proven and widespread valve system in the world.

Shell filling valve:

  • 360-degree swivel system for optimal inflation hose placement.
  • Universal male quick disconnect for intermediate pressure.
  • Variable flow rate controlled by manual pressure.
  • Low profile back plate reduces bulk and increases comfort.
  • Located in the center of the chest.

Argo drain valve:

  • Fully adjustable deflation pressure with manual lock.
  • High flow rate
  • Low profile with smooth contours to avoid snagging the vest when donning.
  • Low profile back plate reduces bulk and increases comfort.
  • Located on the left shoulder.


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