1) The great diving specialist in Spain and Portugal since 1975

We are the largest company in the sector and we are exclusively focused on diving. Being the best specialists has made us the undisputed leaders in the sector.

Our wide range of products embraces from the simplest snorkel equipment to the most advanced and complex underwater inspection vehicles, able to dive more than 3000 meters.

We cover all the fields of the area: scuba diving, Tek, underwater work, military diving equipment, save and rescue, underwater photography and more.

This multifaceted expertise, always in the underwater area, together with our experience in the market for over 30 years, makes us your best reference in the Iberian Peninsula.

2) Experts in all underwater specialities

At Casco Antiguo we have a team of experts for each of the specialities of diving such as scuba diving, Tek diving, underwater photograph and video and underwater fishing. José Antonio Gutiérrez, as well as Felipe Ayuso (Pipe) or Fernando Ros (Nandu) are real experts in their areas and they have excellent reputations.

Every year, Casco Antiguo experts visit the most important trade shows in the industry to offer you the latest innovations.

3) Selected products

Casco Antiguo online shop is not another diving web.

Our web offers you only the best products from each brand previously tested and selected by our experts, according to our quality, features, guaranty and price criteria.

Our goal is to make your choice of material easier and guarantee successful experiences under water.

We have also developed some intelligent browsers based on equipment features so you can filter your search according to your needs.

Casco Antiguo online shop is made for and by divers.

4) Exclusive products from our own brands

One of our greatest advantages are our own brands: SUBAQUA, aimed to scuba divers, and TDS (Technical Dive System) for technical divers, have been developed by Casco Antiguo experts through the years. All the products are tested by our team of experts and will only be placed on the market after passing our quality tests.

As we have our own brands, we can offer high quality products at unbeatable prices. Offering products from the factory to the final consumer is one of our secrets and one of the reasons for our success in the market.

The evolution of our products has been great in the last two years, offering new, high quality products. Dive with Subaqua and TDS products!!!

5) The largest store chain

As well as the online store, Casco Antiguo owns 13 stores on some of the most important cities of the Iberian Peninsula. Having so many stores has let us be in the real world, closer to our clients to meet their needs and, most of all, to listen to their ideas on the company and its products and services.

Our stores offer the possibility of being helped by our staff after your online purchase, in case you need advice on our products. We also provide ‘collect in store’ service, exchanges, returns and technical service for online shopping.

6) Direct advice by highly qualified staff

Our company gives importance to direct communication between the client and our experts. For that purpose we offer different ways, via chats, phone or e-mail. We are aware that buying diving equipment requires advice that can only be given by experts.

Let yourself be advised on your shopping!!

7) Technical service

All our stores provide technical service to easily solve any kind of problems. Diving equipment require careful tuning and maintenance. Casco Antiguo is not just a shop where you can buy the products you need. As trusted specialists, we offer annual maintenance for your regulator, mend your suits, switch computer batteries, fix your compressor, fill your tanks and provide many other services.

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