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The Proteus model is the TDS series regulator with compensated diaphragm but more compact size than the Gull Z model. This more compact size makes very versatile and can be used in a single tank mount forsport configuration, but also for twins or as a stage regulator.

The first stage has 4 LP low pressure outlets and two HP high pressure outlets arranged symmetrically, which allows the hoses to be routed optimally in almost any configuration, and it is possible to mount them left-right on a twin tank. 

The body is made of marine grade brass with a matt acid chrome plating on the body, and a gloss chrome plating on the crown.

The compensated second stage, with inspiratory effort regulator, venturi control to avoid continuous flow and a chrome-plated ring, completes a high quality assembly. 

First and second stage union with a 74 cm LP hose, with swivel on the second stage.

First Stage:

  • Machined from marine grade brass.
  • Balanced membrane
  • Medium pressure 140 +/- 5 PSI (9.65 +/- .35 BAR) adjustable (on SAT)
  • 4 LP low pressure ports
  • 2 HP ports
  • DIN 300 and INT Yoke versions
  • Rubber sealing plug on both versions

Second Stage:

  • Pneumatically compensated
  • Thermoplastic with chrome-plated ring and internal mechanism in marine brass.
  • Inspiratory effort control knob
  • Venturi control knob
  • Rubber purge button with logo engraving
  • PVC mouthpiece
  • 74 cm LP hose

Technical Specifications:

  • Max Working Pressure: INT 3300 PSI / 232 Bar | DIN 4350 PSI / 300 Bar
  • Intermediate Pressure: 140 +/- 5 PSI (9.65 +/- .35 BAR)
  • Ports / Outlets: 2 HP 7/16", 4 MP 3/8"
  • ANSTI Tested Depth: 80 M
  • Certified Depth: 50 M
  • Gas: Air / Nitrox (up to 40%)

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