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Size Chart

* Guidance sizes table provided by the manufacturers. A size guide is not substitute for a physical test in a Casco Antiguo Store. Likewise, Casco Antiguo is not responsible for possible manufactures unannounced variations.

Size Chart "Mares - BCDs"

BC MENS (cm, kg)
Indicative Weight <55 60-90 >80
Height <165 165-185 >180
Chest Circumference <95 95-120 >110
Hip Circumference 70-94 85-121 108-136
BC WOMENS (cm, kg)
Indicative Weight <55 50-80 70-90
Height <165 160-180 170-185
Chest Circumference <95 85-115 105-120
Hip Circumference 67-94 70-112 96-121
BC UNISEX (cm, kg)
Indicative Weight <55 <55 50-70 60-80 70-90 >80
Height <165 <165 160-175 165-180 170-185 >180
Chest Circumference <95 <95 85-105 95-115 105-120 >110
Hip Circumference 67-90 70-94 70-94 85-112 96-112 108-136

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Ergotrim Technology:

In 2001, Mares revolutionized the industry when it introduced AIRTRIM technology. One of the most innovative features that marked a before and after in the design of hydrostatic BCs was to combine the inflation and deflation of the BC from a single control point and place it in a very ergonomically convenient location. While inflation was still done as usual, i.e. by having the intermediate pressure air flow from the first stage into the air chamber, deflation was done pneumatically by activating two evacuation valves. These valves were located at both ends of the BCD - one at the right shoulder and the other at the lower left corner of the air chamber - and both were activated simultaneously, so that regardless of the diver's position in the water, air would certainly escape from the chamber. Just as one valve was high enough to let air out, the other was low enough to suck in water, so to prevent water from entering the chamber, both valves incorporated another valve with a one-way diaphragm in front of the chamber. Oral inflation, if necessary because of an emergency, can be accomplished through a medical-style intubation, i.e., by putting the tube into the side pocket. We called it Airtrim because it made getting the perfect horizontal position much easier.

That was in 2001. In 2021, Mares is outdoing itself by introducing version 2.0 of this technology. We've named it ERGOTRIM, as it combines pneumatic deflation inside the "standard" ERGO inflator. Well, actually it's not so standard. It allows you to inflate and deflate the hydrostatic vest just like a normal inflator, but it has an additional button to power the pneumatic circuit. It also includes a rocker switch above the pneumatic inflation and deflation buttons to prevent both from being used at the same time. If you are a dive instructor and need to demonstrate standard maneuvers, you should wear the Ergotrim over your left shoulder. If this is not your case, ERGOTRIM-equipped BCDs have a sleeve on the back of the camera that connects the corrugated hose under the left shoulder and attaches it to an attachment bracket at the top farthest from the left lobe of the BCD. In terms of ergonomics, it is similar to the original, but has a 40% higher inflation flow rate, is more integrated into the BC and, in the event of an emergency oral inflation, simply pull it out of the holder, put it in your mouth and exhale through it. The end result is a very hydrodynamic BCD that can be used with one hand in all circumstances; in addition, the left shoulder is completely clear and offers the peace of mind of knowing that it is not necessary to change position in the water to deflate the BCD.


  • Ergotrim technology allows the diver to adjust buoyancy independently of his position during the dive.
  • The instructor can use the ergo command as a "classic" inflator in his classes, but it also works as an air trim from the corresponding bracket
  • The air chamber is separated from the shoulders, which ensures comfort in that area when inflated.
  • Air chamber with wings
  • One-piece back protector suitable for single or double cylinders
  • 50 mm pivoting buckles
  • Stainless steel d-rings
  • Adjustable sash
  • Large capacity pockets with supratex stretch panels
  • Intelligent weight distribution
  • SLS weight system
  • Visual confirmation of correct weight insertion
  • Customizable labels on ballast pockets
  • Color customization via a separately sold kit available in 4 different colors (code 417966)
  • Integrated slot for incorporating the line cutter included in the optional color kit available for purchase separately

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