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Artic trilaminate dry suit made from the finest materials: Trilaminate Ferguson 410 / 450g Polyester / Butyl / Polyester Cordura Reinforcements X-treme by 1000 dt Terrace

  • Court T, Telescopic torso, front zipper.
  • X-treme Protection front to biceps (op. Forearm)
  • Protection X-treme knees (op. Culera, Twins)
  • Metallic Front Zipper BDM 08 / RS
  • Nylon zipper Protection
  • 2 large bellows pockets with Velcro (op. Pockets EX)
  • Over-neck neoprene straps Interior, lumbar Ceñidor
  • Clutches latex (op. Neoprene, QCS Oval Exchangeable If tech)
  • Neck latex (op. Neoprene Neck Tite Exchangeable If tech)
  • 3 mm neoprene sock sole Supratex (op. Bota Hiper-sole)
  • Inflated rotary valve Apeks (op. If tech)
  • automatic drain valve Apeks low profile (op. If tech)
  • Taped seams inside with polymers

    Included with Suit:

    • Independent double lined 5mm neoprene hood
    • Carrying
    • Colors to choose from for the upper reinforcement X-treme: Black, Red, Blue, Granite or Black / Grey

    Optional (depending on the extras chosen, the price will vary):

    • Protections click:
          - culera x-treme ideal for strengthening the buttocks part of
           - x-treme Protection Twins
           - Full Superior protection X-treme in arm, ideal for protecting elbows reinforcement
           - Croch protection in the crotch avoiding possible friction
    • Sleeves and neck click:
           - 3 mm neoprene neck
           - 3mm neoprene cuffs
           - interchangeable Neck NECK TITE If tech
      & Nbsp; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; - Interchangeable Grips QCS OVAL If tech
    • Shoes:
           - Boots Hipersole
    • Pockets:
            -Pocket EX - This pocket brings four distinct compartments for demanding divers. The interior has two compartments, one of them smaller, designed for notebook. The main pocket has a volume of 3 liter bellows system, designed to store all the necessary equipment such as: mask, reels, buoys, cutting instrument, etc. Also the flap includes a compartment for storing small accessories such as directional markers, cokies, etc ... without opening the pocket. All material can be fixed with the two bungiees caravineros available.

            -Pocket CR - The description of this pocket is the same as the pocket EX, the only difference is that in the bellows carries a rack and should take empty is as compressed as possible to the suit.

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