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LUMIA is a lantern with a highly asymmetric design that facilitates a great ergonomics of use 100% intuitive, which allows perceiving tactually its position and find quickly the switch. These ergonomic features are a great advantage before circular section lanterns that doesn’t allow touch position recognition and they even need both hands to turn it on in some cases.

Technical features:

Cree Led 5500º Kelvin. The LED has a neutral white color temperature similar to sunlight to obtain the maximum efficiency of the colors underwater. The color temperature has been calibrated to maintain it in a neutral white tone avoiding the tendency of most part of led lanterns to have cold blue ranges that distort the real seabed color and drive fishes away

Origin luminous flux of 260 lumens. Luminous flux effective in Lux (at 1m): 25000 Lux and minimum of 18000 Lux. Luminous flux falling in 1 continuous hour: 30%.

Wide thread to obtain more facility and security of headboard screwing and unscrewing. It has nitrile / silicone watertight O-rings of maximum quality and duration. Extremely reflecting parable of concentrated beam (6º) that takes profit of the luminous flux emitted by the led through an exclusive lens made in ultra-transparent material protected by optical polycarbonate lens cover

Nylon body reinforced with lens cover and body recovered in thermoplastic rubber to extend its useful life and reduce the noises made with impacts

Selectable double power through internal switch:

  • [-] Minimum power 18000 LUX. Automatic safety shutdown at 60 minutes of continuous use
  • [+] Maximum power 25000 LUX. Automatic safety shutdown at 3 minutes of continuous use

Electronic system developed by Cressi Elettronica that stabilizes the differences between the different electrical potentials of many kinds of batteries and ensures 30% higher efficiency than in common used systems. It broadcasts a warning signal by blinking on the moment we have to change batteries (remaining charge 20%) and it’s equipped with emergency automatic shutdown. It has metallic hot sink 

Sliding magnetic switch. It has an oversized pusher to act even with thick gloves and cold hands. It has three positions:

  1. OFF
  2. TEMPORARY ON with automatic return, particularly useful in fishing because it’s only switched on if it’s requir
  3. FIX ON
  4. AA batteries power (they have standard supply). 

Semi elastic strap of wrist fixation through blocking system. It’s easy to liberate in case of emergency.

Dimensions: Total length: 168 mm; Maximum headboard diameter: 47 mm.

Weight: 130 g.

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