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Exceptional Cressi-sub rubbers made and mounted 100% in Spain. They’ve been studied precisely to use them in high level fishing and in competitions. Its composition, level of hardness and thickness are the result of loads of proofs made to different models and the final product answers the requirements of high level fishers with any kind of rod.

Its fascinating power is due to a combination of big diameter 19.5mm with low hardness and a lot of progressivity on the handing. Its composition, diameter and reduced tube diameter provide it a great resistance to pressure that also make them perfect for deep fishing.

Latex: pure latex of Malaysia without any kind of burden or mix of impurities in its composition, except for the black color (1g colors 5 kg of latex). There’s no added burden in its composition to avoid damaging its natural features of recovering velocity and latex elasticity. The latex, when is clotted, dries itself by natural process (outdoors) minimum in 40 days.

Its pure composition make them to have an extraordinary elasticity that is translated to be a completely homogeneous company of the rod, increasing in this way the shot’s scope and inertia and the penetration capacity of it, with a reduced burden difficulty comparing it with other rubbers of lower efficiency.  This elasticity allows using with facility short dimensions (depending on the liking and capacity of the fisher), increasing the rubber pushing travel over the rod, which puts it in advantage before rubbers of higher diameter or hardness. Extremely resistant to UV action, salt water, ozone and intensive usage for long time without features loss.

Exclusive production with straight tube: unlike the other manufacturers, the Cressi latex rubbers are perfectly straight, because they’re made in short length strips instead of long rolls that imply lower cost but an always curved longitudinal section.

Assembly: it’s an elaborated manual process that notably influences the rubber’s features. The pairs of rubbers are made considering both its length and hardness, in such way they’re as similar as possible to avoid contraction velocity differences during the shot with bad consequences for the precision. So, the hardness difference is maximum of +/- 1 shore and the length of +/- 0.1mm.

Finishes: completely round finishes of the tips to avoid the traditional defects that don’t allow the easy rolling of the rubber because of exceeding the diameter of the thread.

Bushings: made of anodized duralumin for a higher resistance and facility of rolling and avoiding the expansion and possible breaks of the bushing usual in big diameter rubbers.

Dimensions: produced in dimensions studied for spear guns with tube of 60 cm, 75 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm, 110 cm and 120 cm.

Presentation: with white latex serigraphy to identify the article and with vacuum-packed blister “skin” for a greater facility of exposition in the shop and isolation from the exterior.

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