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It’s a Cressi top of the line model and one of the most diffused masks all over the world. Light and compact, it has a comfortable silicone skirt of great adaptation and comfort even after extended usages. Its adaptation range goes from kids and women to men with wide faces. Its moderated dimensions, its rounded profiles and its unparalleled relationship intern volume / visibility, make it perfect for diving, spearfishing, apnea and snorkeling.  Also, its wraparound skirt and minimum thickness’ frame, guarantee an optimal adaptation to all kinds of physiognomies.

The reduced distance between eyes and lens ensures an optimal visibility in all directions. It’s available in optical version. As all Cressi masks have a great rigidity on the central bridge to avoid the loss of glasses plane due to a tension excess of the strap that could cause optical distortions.

The Focus design through computer and direct reproduction on the matrix automatically, provides perfection on the assembly of the different components that make possible the usage of minimum thicknesses, with the consequent lightness of the final product (greater comfort and less breaking possibility in case of falling) and an exceptional vision field because the glass surface it’s 20% bigger than a traditional mask. This reduction of the frame thickness eliminates as well possible contact areas with delicate points regarding comfort: nose, front, eyebrows…

Focus has a new tilting belt of reduced dimensions and great regulation facility, even with the mask on the face and using neoprene gloves. The new belt has a higher resistance level even in traditional integrated belts.

The particular glasses design, derived from the legendary model Cressi Super-Lince, it’s optimal to achieve a total vision angulation in all directions (20% increase regarding MAREA vertically), without damaging the homogeneity of the frame’s design and avoiding angles that expose it to a possible extraction or accidental disinsertion.

The symmetric lenses’ design, as the assembly and disassembly facility of the lenses (similar system to Superocchio), make it a perfect model to use it as optical mask, available with graduated glasses for myopia.

Technical features

  • Double glass mask.
  • Versions: clear silicone, black silicone.
  • Materials: liquid silicone, technopolymers and tempered glass.
  • Tilting belts of immediate regulation.
  • Internal volume: 135cm3.
  • Frame dimensions: 157x70mm.
  • Weight (strap included): 175 g.
  • Available graduated glasses (optional): from -1.00 to -8.00 (myopia) with 0.5 dioptres’ intervals.

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