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The Cressi Giant Knife is a serious knife for divers who use their knife as a tool while underwater. If you're searching for rock scallops off the coast, working underwater cleaning hulls, or are a sport diver who likes the feel of a large knife when diving, then Cressi Giant is the knife for you! The blade is made from Japanese 420 stainless steel with a black coating blade treatment for corrosion resistance and a stealthy look. This knife has large dimensions that make it particularly effective during use. Perfect as a work tool or for particularly intensive use. The blade has one side with a straight edge and the other side is partially serrated. This drop point tipped knife has a line cutter on the serrated side. A large ergonomically designed rubberized handle has finger grips and a blade guard for added safety. The full tang blade allows the knife to double as a pry bar. The blade length is 7.01" (17.8 cm) with an overall knife length of 11.82" (30 cm). Knife comes complete with a durable knife sheath with strap eyelets for fastening it to gear or the diver's leg with straps.

Tempered AISI 420 Steel, Black Coating. Sheet side with plain edge and one serrated edge. It incorporates safety cutters quickly cut fishing lines and nets.

The blade extends through the interior of the handle and, at its end, has a small threaded hub.

Comfortable grip technopolymer coated gummy Soft Grip. Plastic cover, very hydrodynamics with a fixed knife with rubber ring. Fixing belt as both calf by two elastic straps (included).

  • Total length: 228 mm

  • Blade length: 117 mm

  • Blade width: 26 mm

  • Blade thickness: 4.5 mm

  • Single knife Weight: 140 g

  • Weight with sheath and straps:250 g

  • Buoyancy: null
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