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GARA IMPULSE is undoubtedly the greatest revolution of the last decades in the field of freediving and spearfishing fins, with an unprecedented unanimity in the reaction of users of all profiles and physical conditions. The nerves of the Gara Modular foot pocket, recalibrated on the basis of thousands of hours of testing by the Cressi team in order to define its angulation, hardness and ideal thickness, together with the new blade designed with engineering systems to calculate the levels of curvature, angulation and ideal thickness at each point of the blade, have led many to speak of performance clearly superior to many carbon blade fins.


New version with high modulus polypropylene blade of high reactivity and new design with decreasing thickness (from 4 mm to 2 mm) and a new distribution of the reinforcements, which makes the arching is very progressive canceling the tendency to skid, since the first half of the set is more rigid and the final half more flexible.

The blade is angled at 29º compared to the traditional 21 to 23º. This angulation allows finning with the foot in a completely relaxed position and makes finning smooth and comfortable but highly effective both for surface travel and for overcoming situations of high drag such as ascending from the bottom, heavy seas or the beginning of a descent with tight ballast.

The design of the blade end has a slight tapering and two fins integrated in subtle thermoplastic rubber. This feature, together with the calculated progression of the blade's flex arc, makes the stability of Impulse's finning perfect.


New design of the foot pocket horns with reduced height in order to allow the adaptation of blades of any angle, not to interfere with the reactivity of the blade and to allow a greater arc to the blade.

The volume of the foot pocket is the result of in-depth anatomical studies, with volumes proportional to the widening effect caused by the sock depending on the size of the foot. It does not follow a fixed size-to-size ratio, since proportionally a small foot "fattens" much more than a large one when wearing socks.

It combines two materials:

A 75º shore hardness thermoplastic rubber, flexible but inelastic and very resistant, applied to the ribs, the entire sole of the foot pocket and the exclusive support band on the instep to ensure immediate transmission of effort without dissipating it in rubbery compositions.

The rest of the foot pocket (grey area) has a semi-flexible 65° shore composition for optimum comfort. This material is alternately extended in the heel area to provide an anti-slip function when walking on a boat or on rocks.

The instep incorporates in its center a 2 cm wide "Self adjusting" band, which allows a slight expansion (from 2 to 4 mm depending on size) to adapt to people with high instep or in case of use of thick booties. The expansion has been carefully calibrated so as not to impair energy transmission.

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