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KING is an advanced freediving computer designed, developed and 100% produced by Cressi in Italy. Its construction is completely modular and it is extremely robust and reliable since it shares its hard base with other models of the firm with extensive experience in diving and apnea: Cartesio, Neon or Goa. Cressi has all the quality control of this product because it is entirely developed and manufactured in Cressi Elettronica, both in terms of programming the Software and its construction and manufacturing, quality control and after-sales service.

Under its appearance of a modern and attractive watch hides an elaborate software with an elaborate apnea program, developed in close cooperation with the Cressi team, and a deep study of the distribution of information on the screen and an agile and intuitive access to information, considering the multiple configurable parameters and the large volume of information it handles.


  • Case in anti-impact technopolymers, very light and highly resistant to shocks and aesthetic aging. Extremely flat case (14 mm), with a section without very hydrodynamic edges that avoids possible snags. Guaranteed up to -120 m.
  • Case diameter of only 48 mm with a large 35 mm diameter UFDS (User Friendly Display System) screen. The distribution of information, screen contrast, proportions and size of the digits have been studied to facilitate reading. All the data is presented segmented with light separation lines that facilitate reading even in a stress or emergency situation. Backlit display by push button or in case of alarm.
  • Two low-profile buttons, highly integrated and with minimized clearances to guarantee the tightness of the O-rings by working perfectly perpendicular and preventing the entry of particles or small grains of sand that could block them.
  • The advanced study of the menus and navigation system that it provides with two buttons provides more reliability in the long term with ease of reading, access to data and modification of exemplary parameters. It is remarkable the ease of configuration, navigation through the different menus and access to the large amount of information that it provides in a very intuitive way.
  • New high performance and low consumption processor.  It allows much faster data processing, greater backlighting power and alarm sound, and doubles the battery life compared to previous models. CPU ARM Cortex M3 32 bit | Frequency 14MHz | Flash Memory 256Kb | 32Kb RAM.
  • High intensity backlit display by push button or in case of alarm (5 seconds per push).
  • Interface (optional) with Bluetooth connection for connection with PcLogbook. Interface with connection to the dive computer by means of Ir simply supporting the computer and connection to the PC with USB cable. Software compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac.
  • Synthetic rubber strap with stainless steel buckle.
  • Mineral glass screen with high resistance to breakage and scratches. Available transparent Bumpon protector (a standard unit).
  • Long battery life through a combination of systems: save mode when the computer is not in use with automatic power on, low consumption processor and high capacity CR2430 battery.
  • Depth gauge calibrated in salt water for maximum precision in the most common use.


Circular menu using two buttons:

  • UP / SEL: If pressed briefly, this button is used to scroll through the various menus and to increase the value of settings. If kept pressed, this button is used to enter the various menus and to confirm. Holding down in the time, stopwatch or dive function will turn on the backlight.
  • DOWN / ESC: If pressed briefly, this button is used to scroll through the various menus and to decrease the value of the settings. If held down, this button is used to exit the various menus. If you press and hold it on the surface during the activity, you will exit the freediving session.

 Off Mode:

  • The OFF mode is useful for use in the pool since it disables the pressure sensor, for snorkeling or in cases where you do not want to record the descents on the computer. In addition, it allows to increase the battery life.

Free Mode (Freediving) Program:

DIVE: KING connects automatically when it exceeds -1.2 meters. At this moment in the dive monitoring mode, it shows the following data on the screen: • Maximum depth of the current dive • Instantaneous speed • Instantaneous depth • Dive time • Number of the current dive • Water temperature • Total time of the dive+surface session • Maximum depth reached in the session • Current time

  • SURFACE / POSTDIVE: When you return to the surface, KING enters the SURFACE mode, 5 pages showing the following data: • Maximum depth of the previous dive • Time of the previous dive • Surface time in minutes and seconds • Number of dives made in the current session • Current temperature • Total session time (surface time + dive time) • Maximum depth reached in the session • Number of descents made within the current session • Minimum temperature reached in the session • Ratio between the dive time and surface time • Current time. The data of the dives made during the session can be seen on the screen
  • CHRONO: You can record split times while the stopwatch is running. When you exit the CHRONO function with the stopwatch active, the count continues in the background
  • TIMER (COUNTDOWN): This function allows you to set a countdown. The timer can be set from 1" to 23h 59' 59". If you exit the Timer function while keeping the timer active, the count will continue in the background
  • DOUBLE TIMER (DUAL-T): This function is specific to training, for example, to perform repetitive exercises with rest intervals. It consists of two timers (PHASE 1, PHASE 2) that work alternately with an adjustable time from 00':01" to 59':59" for each one. The two timers can perform up to 99 cycles, both forward and backward
  • DIVE SET: Alarm settings: surface time warning (SURF-T), depth alarms (DEPTH AL1, AL2, AL3, AL4, AL5), surface time warning (DIVE-T), depth interval alarm (STEP). Surface time alarm (SURF-T) Depth alarm (DEPTH) Depth interval warning (STEP) Dive time alarm (DIVE-T)
  • LOGBOOK: This screen allows you to record up to 32 hours of profile at a scanning speed of 2 seconds. The data offered are: • day, month and year • start time • total time of the SESS session (DIVE+ SURF min) • Maximum depth reached • Number of the page being consulted P(1/2) • Total number of session dives (D.) • Minimum temperature recorded during the session • Total session time spent on the surface (SURF-T) • Total session time spent diving (DIVE-T) • Depth time of the best session immersion
  • SURFACE TIME ALARM (SURF-T): Activating this alarm, when the previously configured time elapses, KING will emit three beeps to warn that the surface time has been exceeded, and the surface time shown on the screen will begin to flash. Adjustment can be based on elapsed time, from 1'00" to 10'00" in 30" increments
  • DIVE HISTORY (INFO): The INFO screen displays system information: Serial number Sn xxxxxx, firmware version xxx and the number of times the user has replaced the battery. It is supplied from the factory with a battery replacement counter

Additional Functions:

  • TARAVANA MODE: In case of freediving or high-level underwater fishing with very high rhythms and/or depths, KING allows you to configure up to 8 levels of protection against Taravana disease (decompression sickness in apnea). There are no official algorithms to apply that contemplate the different variables that can cause an accident of this type, so it depends on the athlete's own experience and an evaluation of the circumstances of the day and the accumulation of residual nitrogen in previous days, It will advise one or another level of interval between descents to be defined in 8 possible levels. The coefficient indicates the multiple with respect to the previous descent that determines the recommended surface interval: L1 - 1: ≥2.0 L2 - 1: ≥2.4 L3 - 1: ≥2.8 L4 - 1: ≥3.2 L5 - 1: ≥3.6 L6 - 1: ≥4.0 L7 - 1: ≥4.5 L8 - 1: ≥5.0
  • BLOODSHIFT: This function is useful when you want to dive to a great depth to reduce the risk of pulmonary edema. Many studies suggest that the origin of the hemoptysis of the apneist is in the increase of the pressure in the pulmonary capillaries. A series of gradual dives, starting from a shallow depth, seems to be an excellent way to lessen the appearance of this condition. First (BLOODSHIFT 1°) to -5 m 2°) to -10 m (33 ft) the third to half the set target depth)
  • LOGBOOK SAMPLING TIME ADJUSTMENT (LOG.SAM): This function is useful in case you want to download the dive profile via an external USB/Bluetooth interface. The LOG.SAM function allows you to choose the profile sampling time. If a longer sample time is used, the displayed graph will be less sharp, but more sessions can be stored. Conversely, if a shorter sampling time is used, the displayed graph will be sharper but the number of visible sessions will be smaller. A sampling time of 2/1/0.5 seconds can be set. With 2-second sampling, up to 32 hours of dive time can be stored. With 1 second sampling, it is possible to store up to 16 hours. With sampling at 0.5 seconds, it is possible to store up to 8 hours
  • TIDE LEVEL INDICATION (TIDE): The TIDE screen shows the tide level by means of a 4-level wave-shaped icon. Low tide will be indicated by one wave and high tide by four waves. When the tide indicator is active, the icon is also visible on the main screen, both on the surface and during the dive. It also indicates whether the tide is rising or falling
  • HYDRATION ALERT (HYD): Warns the freediver to hydrate. The alarm can be set from 1 to 4 hours in 30-minute increments

General Specifications:

  • New system for navigating through the menus and entering parameters for maximum usability and intuition. Remarkable ease of configuration, navigation through the different menus and access to the large amount of information that it provides in a very intuitive way
  • 12/24 hour clock with calendar and seconds
  • Automatic activation
  • Precision stopwatch
  • Clock Alarm
  • High intensity backlight function
  • Indication of recommended time of no flight
  • Low battery indicator
  • Change of unit of measure from the metric system (meters and °C) to the imperial system (ft- °F) by the user
  • Battery replaceable by user. Removing two screws on the back cover easily removes the entire power system that is attached to the cover itself - CR2450 battery (it is recommended to change the O-ring at each battery change. Battery kit plus O-ring in all distributors Cressi)
  • OFF MODE for use in snorkeling/swimming and battery SAVING
  • LOG BOOK with historical memory of 50 dives per modality or 40 hours
  • Very long battery life through a combination of systems: saving mode when the computer is not used with automatic start-up and a new low-consumption processor. CR2450 battery
  • Interface with connection to the dive computer simply supporting the computer and connection to the PC with USB cable. Software compatible with all Windows and Mac versions. It also has a very complete LogBook with modern management software for PC (Windows/Mac), which will allow us to upload our freediving days to our computer, being able to see in detail all the data from our descents and analyze our immersion graphs
  • Depth gauge calibrated in salt water for maximum accuracy in the most common use - Water salinity adjustment (WATR): With this function, you can adjust the depth measurement according to the salinity of the water. Select Salt for salt water and Fresh for fresh water

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