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Realized with a few parameters of endings and really strict levels for a greater adjustment to all kinds of mechanisms.

Mechanized made with useful stainless hard metal to avoid the pollution of the material of the rod and possible points of oxide of the mechanized zones.

SANDVIK steel hardened externally through an exclusive plasmatic vacuum process in high temperatures. This process makes the external part to have a hardness about 60 HRC without harming the resistance to the flexion of the rod.

Process of very strict control (rod by rod before to the mechanizing) to verify the perfect straightness of the rod.

Flap in stainless steel of wharf AISI 301 of 0,8 mm thickness. Mechanical resistance 1269 Nw/mm2 near to the one of the rod. Pin and orifice provided to the diameter of the rod between 2 and 2,5 mm. Length in proportion to the rod; 55 mm in measures from 90 to 120 cm and 70 mm from 130 to 150 cm. Flap of two volumes, studied for the maximum hydrodynamics. Assembly with one light reducing of 1 cm of length that integrates in the profile the rivets and improves notably the scope of the rod. The reducing does not suppose wastage of resistance since the pin of fin is provided according to the diameter of the rod. O-ring of enclosure of the flap included (red color).

Adjustment of the howitzer reinforced with curved radius of mechanization that make the break of the rod almost impossible for this traditionally weak point. Polyvalent design for metallic howitzers and of Dyneema (we recommend polished of the profiles with cable of steel for this use). Its design together with the used parameters for the tempering, obtains an extraordinary resistance to the break in sense of opening of fit of 190 Nw and 40 º of angle.

  • Top format howitzer specially resistant and of great penetration.
  • Available diameters: Ø6,25 mm and Ø6,70 mm.
  • Measures: 90, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140, 150 cm (according to each version).
  • Descriptive label in removable paper with indication of diameter, measure, reference, EAN and technical details.

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