Hidrohide, a photographic technique

Hidrohide, more than a photographic technique 

We've all seen amazing aquatic animals photographs that look like they were taken above water, showing the animal perfectly focused and the bank in the background... and we all wonder how do they take them?

Actually, they use a photographic technique called Hidrohide, "hidro" comes from water and "hide" from hiding place. It is a discipline that combines two of my favourite hobbies: nature photography and the aquatic world. 

To take this kind of photographs we need to have a direct contact with nature, inside the water, hidden but with the capacity to move in order to find the right moment, the perfect framing, the ideal perspective... and to achieve this we need patience, skill and, of course, equipment. 

In addition to the camera, we need a protective suit, essentially a neoprene suit of different thickness depending on the time of year, even a dry suit for winter seasons. To make our mobility easier it is also advisable to use booties and fins.

This will give us the chance to take incredible photographs of herons, kingfishers, paddlefishes, otters, egrets, herons, sandgrouses, moorhens... and a great number of species. Apart from photographing, we can also observe or record from a privileged position, hidden, without invading or disturbing the local fauna. 

Cristobal Gomiz

(Photos taken by Manuel Montero)

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