Discover the new DIVEVOLK SEATOUCH 4 MAX HOUSING, the definitive universal touch case for your Smartphone

   At Casco Antiguo as a diving specialist, we always offer our customers the latest developments in materials, and in this case we present the innovative universal touch case for DIVEVOLK SeaTouch 4 Max Smartphones.  

   SeaTouch 4 Max is a revolutionary touchscreen housing designed for smartphones, allowing use underwater up to 60 meters deep. With this case, you will be able to use all the functions and applications of your phone. It is the first diving housing in the world to offer a fully functional touch screen underwater.  

The patented underwater touch screen allows for all operation, specially adapted for the diving case of the iPhone and other devices. This case protects your phone and allows you to capture stunning videos and photos while surfing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle surf, skiing or other activities. Plus, you can use the iPhone's built-in compass, which works perfectly underwater.   

Compatible with all applications, there are no limits to access to any app from the iPhone case. No button restrictions for your creativity. Enjoy more and capture your best moments with interesting photos, videos and even music.  

Featured advantages:  

  • Being able to use your smartphone camera for underwater photography and video, greatly reducing the cost of your underwater imaging equipment.  
  • Access to all smartphone commands underwater, such as notepad, compass, camera...  
  • Quickly share content on social networks after diving.  
  • You can make calls or as an emergency device after the dive. 
  • Possibility of adding multiple accessories, filters, lenses, arms to your case, to optimize the quality of your photos and videos with video torch,  giving them light and color.  

In short, it represents the future of underwater photography, communication and entertainment. 

Compatible with most devices on the market iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, Huawei, Honor, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Redmi, Oneplus, Sony... 

There are different kits to buy your Divewolk case depending on the type of photos or videos you want to take.

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