How do I choose my dive computer, and what data does it give me?

When choosing a dive computer, several key factors should be considered. Some important considerations and data that dive computers provide are: 

- Operating modes: Dive computers have different modes such as air, Nitrox (a mixture of air enriched with oxygen), and technical diving gases. You should make sure that the computer is compatible with the mode you use on your dives. 

- Dive computers use Bühlmann or Wienke RGBM algorithms, which are more or less restrictive for calculating bottom times, decompression, or safety stops. These vary according to the model and brand of the computer. Some have adjustment modes to suit the dive profile. 

- Display and readability: The dive computer's display should be clear and legible underwater, even in poor visibility conditions. Check that the information is displayed clearly and that the backlight or screen brightness is adequate for your needs. 

- Nitrox capabilities: If you plan to dive with oxygen-rich gas mixes, you should make sure that the computer supports Nitrox mode and can handle programming the appropriate gas mixes. 

- Alarms and warnings: Often, there are alarms and alerts to indicate time limits, depth, and decompression stops. 

- Dive logging capabilities: Many computers have the ability to record and store dive data, such as maximum depth, total dive time, decompression time, etc. This feature can be useful for tracking dives and analyzing logs. 

There are wristwatch computers or computers with a much larger screen. The preference is to use them on a daily basis or just for diving because of the difference in size. 

Remember, having your own dive computer will allow you to keep track of your dives so you can make them safely. It is important to read the specifications of each dive computer model and ask the technical team to recommend the one that best suits your needs so you can take full advantage of its capabilities. Ensure a safe diving experience with the dive computers available at Casco Antiguo. 


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