Keys to improve buoyancy in diving

To enjoy your dive with complete safety and comfort, you need to practice controlling your buoyancy and the keys to doing so lie in the diving equipment you have, the amount and distribution of it.

A very common mistake beginner divers make is overweighting. Sometimes it is done involuntarily, however, what other divers want is to facilitate their descent at the beginning of the dive. If you have excess weight you will have to add more air to the BC, which will leave you exposed to changes in pressure.

The correct thing is to control buoyancy through the air in your lungs. Thus, you will float in a controlled and voluntary way by yourself. Another key to buoyancy control is found in weight distribution. We know that the horizontal position is the one that offers the least resistance when you want to move forward once submerged. The distribution of the equipment must be balanced to maintain this position easily.

Positive buoyancy (the one that makes us rise towards the surface) is mainly provided by our body and the suit we are wearing and is evenly distributed throughout the body. However, the elements with negative buoyancy (tank and weights) are concentrated in a small space.

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