Broaden your horizons with technical diving and how to get started

Technical diving is characterized by the depth, gases to be used, type of equipment (CCR or OC), bottom time, as well as the place where it is performed, caves, wrecks, ice, etc. This requires preparation, high quality materials and special training. 

Technical diving is aimed at the sport diver who wants something more, divers who have exploration aspirations. It is also focused on companies that need for their work, longer or deeper bottom times.

The most representative teaching organizations are TDI, IANTD, NAUI, GUE, ITDA, ANDI, UTD and the sport diving organizations that are now technical, ACUC, PADI, SSI, FEDAS.

The main modalities of technical diving are focused on deep dives, long duration dives, cave dives and wreck dives. Also, the type of technical diving could be classified according to the material or gas mixtures used.

-        TRIMIX: gas mixture used in technical diving that contains oxygen, helium, and nitrogen, in specific proportions, lowering the level of nitrogen in the breathing mixture to prevent narcosis from occurring and thus be fully conscious when exceeding the limitations of recreational diving.

-        REBREATHERS: are devices that recycle the diver's exhaled gas, removing carbon dioxide and adding fresh oxygen in proportions appropriate to the depth. Rebreathers are used in technical and military diving, as well as in other professional applications.

-        SIDEMOUNT: is the type of diving in which the cylinders are carried in a Sidemount configuration, it is the most suitable mode for diving in caves and wrecks, for its ease of entering the different nooks and crannies. Like any new technique, it requires specific training and equipment.

-        SCOOTERS: The use of propelled vehicles offers the possibility of optimizing to the maximum the time of immersion and extending considerably the route of the same one. This type of equipment can be used for technical diving and, depending on the model, also for recreational diving.

In Casco Antiguo we offer everything you need to train as a technical diver. Firstly, training as recreational divers and taking the step to be able to train as a diver with Rebreathers, Trimix or Sidemount. 

We also have all the necessary equipment to guarantee a safe and high quality technical diving.

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