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Utilizing the latest in Lithium Polymer battery technology, advanced electronic speed controls, and a new 1000 watt motor, we have built a machine with a good and evil personality....

Speed/power, endurance and light weight:

Yes, this baby has it all.

Speeds approaching 300 ft/min with a single cylinder, over 250 feet/min with tech gear... this machine rocks. Runtimes up to 5 hours. Range up to 10 miles*. Only 50 pounds/22.5Kg.

As with any vehicle, you must choose between speed and endurance. The beauty of the Magnus is you have more choices... go flat out for 50+ minutes on top speed, run 2 to 3 hours on cruise speed, or choose the power saving speed 1 and have your long burn times at slower speed.

The Lithium Polymer battery pack (nickel, manganese, cobalt chemistry, which is safer than traditional Lithium/Cobalt) provides almost 1 Kilo Watt hour of energy in small package. For comparison, this scooter has the same amount of stored energy as a UV-42!

Simple, fast electronic speed control. 3 distinct speeds, you always know which speed you are running on... and your corresponding run times. To match speed with your buddies, simply adjust the mechanical pitch adjustment so that the team is all running at the same speed.

The battery pack position within the hull is adjustable... no more finding the right position for the trim weights. Just add any necessary trim weights to the provided pocket in the nose cone (where it can't come loose and cause havoc), and move the pack position within the hull to effect trim changes.


The Magnus features a 3.5 pound removable weight plate in the nose of the scooter can be removed to allow the use of video systems which are negatively buoyant; thereby allowing a neutral scooter/video camera package.