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Casco Antiguo and Apnea are pleased to present the Whaler speargun, an excellent speargun with everything you could wish for upper-middle range spearguns, but with the best price!

The value of this speargun is unrivaled and thanks to all the features that gathers, get the best price including better performance.


The body is made by a Tube aluminum 28 mm diameter which gives the necessary rigidity and makes the lateral and vertical movements will be easy and hydrodynamic.Besides the tube includes integrated rod guide in the aluminum body making the precision very high, especially in long shots (the longer the spearguns makes more accurate long shots) allowing long models that are used in waitings.

Head closed is extremely sturdy making it much more difficult to break in the shooting where the rod completely, a problem that appears in other brands on the market has not left.
Besides its hydrodynamic profile allows visibility improves relative to the rod heads and other enclosed action point is more accurate.

The tires head screwed on, are 18 mm standard mounting unlike that mormalmente bring the rest of rifles mounted rubber 16 mm option option serie.Una therefore more power, including endowment.

Line system includes mounted nylon rivets and double back allowing the rod go further by having greater length of nylon.
In addition, the assembly is completed including a cushion keeps rubber thread tension when mounted enceuntra firing position.

The wishbone is articulated french type with plastic parts in rigid PVC and the anti-reflective metal parts in 316 stainless steel coating. The hitch rod is easy and safe thanks to the angled design that has the latch plate.

Shaft 6.25 mm is somewhat lighter than those usually mounted 6.50 mm. Long shots allows more accurate since the rod falls later than heavier.
At its tip it is equipped with a cone just before the hydrodynamic fin and also promotes penetration of the workpiece is much cleaner, causing no tears in shots with great force.
Anti-reflective coating on the surface to avoid glare and reflections in very clear water.

Trigger is completely outlined his grip to be very natural, even when wearing gloves, thus allowing perfect control of the gun when it comes to point it.
Houses the mechanism improved a great shot and sensitivity to avoid certain movements deseados.El is not fully integrated making the on-off is done with a simple side moviemiento without changing hand position.
The subject shrink thread, is located on the side for mounting the nylon easier and there are no locks on the release thereof at the time of shooting.
The rear cargo support has a recess in V allowing better viewing point rod practically its entire length.
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