S45 ROLL BAND 17,5 MM (3M)

S45 ROLL BAND 17,5 MM (3M)


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S45 ROLL BAND 17,5 MM (3M)

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Exclusive Cressi rubberband with exterior diameter Ø 18 mm and interior diamter Ø2.5 mm. Strength shore 42. Black color. Corresponds with the traditional Cressi S45 band.

For use with personalized mounts for fishermen who prefer single rubberbands and require acceleration without jeopodrizing the reach of the rod. It's internationally considered to be the most balanced type of band for any single band speargun.

The basic composition is pure latex from Malaysia with no "load" or mixture of impurities in the composition except the dye in the outer area and the necessary inter products to provide them with suitable hardness zones and make them highly resistant to action of UV rays, salt, and the ozone.

All Cressi rubber latex produced in the pure vulcanized natural dyeing process without acceleration, for maximum spring action. The production is 100% domestically with an optimal production control. The minimum inner cannula diameter and perfectly centered is another of its traditional features.

The pure composition makes the rubberbands have an outstanding elasticity which results in a very homogeneous rod, thereby increasing the range of the shot and the momentum and penetration capacity, with a reduced load compared to other rubberbands of lower performance. Its precisely this elasticity that easily enables the use of short lengths (depending of course on the tastes and capabilities fisherman), and increasing travel push of the rubber onto the rod, a factor which places it in clear advantage over larger diameter bands and/or hardness.

Cressi gums are used by the most prestigious international manufacturers of guns handmade for quality and performance.

3 mm supply presented for customized assembly. The dispensers are supplied in a wide blister pack to minimize latex curvature.

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