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The elastic circular Cressi S45 Plus rubber band with Dyneema wishbone is designed for spearfishing or as a second band.

The assembly of this circular band is done manually, ensuring a high control over production to avoid irregularities: Dyneema Wishbone block without cover (less corrosive) of Ø1,5 mm and double knot constricter. The bridge of the Dyneema with cover Ø2 mm.

Its spectacular power is due in part to the hardness of its composition (shore 42 against usual levels of 38 to 40) and its diameter of 18 mm against 16 m / 15 mm of normal rubber.

Its composition, diameter and the small diameter of the longitudinal cannula provide a great resistance to the pressure that also makes them suitable for deep fishing.

Exclusive Cressi Sub rubbers manufactured and assembled 100% in Spain. They have been studied meticulously for use in high-level fishing and competition. Its composition, level of hardness and thickness are result of an infinite number of tests to different prototypes and the final product responds to the requirements of elite fishermen, with all types of spearguns of any kind.

Latex: látex puro de Malasia sin ningún tipo de carga o mezcla de impurezas en su composición, sólo cuenta con el aditivo del tinte que lo transforma en negro opaco (sólo un gramo tiñe 5 kg de látex). No se añade carga alguna a su composición para no perjudicar las caracterí­sticas naturales de velocidad de recuperación y elasticidad del látex. El látex, una vez coagulado, se seca por procedimiento natural (al aire libre) un mí­nimo de 40 días.

Pure composition gives them an outstanding elasticity which translates into a side of the rod very homogeneous, thereby increasing the scope of the shot and the momentum and penetration capacity thereof, with a difficulty of reduced load compared to other gums lower performance. Precisely this elasticity allows to easily use short steps (depending of course on the tastes and capacities of fisherman), increasing travel rubber push on the rod, a factor that places a clear advantage over the upper gums diameter. It is highly resistant to exposure of UV rays and salt, and even after a prolonged use there is no loss of performance.

Exclusive manufacturing with straight tube: Unlike other manufacturers, the Cressi latex gums are perfectly straight, when the production takes place in short strips of a meter of length instead of long rolls that imply less cost of manufacture but a longitudinal section always curved.

Measurements: band lengths available for spearguns with lengths of 60 cm, 75 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm, 110 cm y 120 cm.

Presentation: are served with serigraphy in white latex to identify the article and blister packed to the vacuum for greater ease of exposure in the store and isolation from the outside.