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The air-balanced flow-through piston-style MK25 EVO BLACK TECH is consistently ranked as the top-performing first stage on the market. Its patent-pending Extended Thermal Insulating System (XTIS) lets you enjoy an ultra-fast breathing response, instant delivery of air on demand, great sensitivity and extra-high airflow - regardless of how cold the water is. Add the fins on the machined body that provide extra thermal exchange and you have the ultimate first stage for all water temperatures.

With the G260 BLACK TECH SCUBAPRO engineers have taken the most imitated air balanced second stage design of all time and offered it with a rugged, nylon fiberglass casing with freeze-resistant components and fitted with a dark anodized aluminum ring.
First Stage:

  • Air balanced flow-through piston in a chrome-plated brass body provides constant and effortless airflow unaffected by depth, tank pressure, or breathing rate.

  • Patent pending XTIS (Extended thermal Insulating system) fully insulates the inner mechanism from the environment, improving cold-water resistance by 30% and delaying ice formation in extreme cold-water conditions without com- promising breathing performance.

  • New spring insulating coating, body insulating bushing (non-metal cylindrical interface separating metal parts from water), anti-freeze cap, bigger body and cap thread all work in concert with the XTIS to improve cold-water performance (key insulation system components are visible in blue).

  • Anti-freeze protection radically increases breathing reliability when diving in the most extreme water temperatures.

  • Two opposing high pressure ports allow the first stage to be positioned either up or down..

  • Five high-flow low pressure ports on a swivel turret maximize hose routing options.

  • External intermediate pressure adjustment enables technicians to fine-tune performance quickly and easily.

  • Available in a 3364psi/232bar INT configuration.

  • Weight: INT 232 (oz/g): 27.9/790..

  • Airflow at 2900psi/200bar: (l/min/ SCFM): >8500/301.

  • Intermediate pressure (psi/bar): 130-142/9.0-9.8.

  • Second Stage:

  • Air-balanced valve smoothes out the inhalation effort at varying depths and supply pressures.

  • Nylon fiberglass design features SCUBAPRO's biggest second stage casing and diaphragm for the ultimate in breathing sensitivity, regardless of position in the water.

  • Dark anodized aluminum front cover ring adds scratch resistance without adding weight.

  • Metal components, including metal air barrel and metal valve inlet tube, increase resistance to freezing when diving in extreme conditions.

  • High-flow exhaust valve reduces exhalation for better overall breathing comfort.

  • A diver-adjustable inhalation effort knob fine-tunes air delivery to suit changing depths, water conditions and personal tastes.

  • Venturi-Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA) dive/pre-dive switch pre- vents free flows in cold water or when used as an octopus.

  • Reversible hose attachment allows you to easily adjust hose routing for tech diving configurations.

  • Super-flow hose features an oversized bore that allows more air to flow on each inhalation.

  • Ultra-comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece is easy to grip yet doesn't inhibit airflow.

  • Weight: 9.7oz/275g.

  • Airflow at 2900psi/200bar: 1800 l/min - 64 SCFM.

  • Maximum low pressure: 203psi/14bar.
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