Animal attacks on divers, myth or reality?

Both. While it is true that animal attacks on divers have occurred in certain circumstances, it is important to note that these incidents are rare and do not pose a widespread threat to divers. Let's look at both aspects:  


- Sharks: Shark attacks on divers have occurred in some cases, but are extremely rare. Most sharks are shy animals and do not view humans as natural prey. Most shark encounters are peaceful and result in exciting sightings for divers. However, there are specific species that may be more curious or territorial, and in unusual situations, attacks may occur.  

- Poisonous rays and fish: Some of these species may prove to be dangerous to divers if they feel threatened or cornered. For example, sting rays and certain species of venomous fish or stingray if they feel cornered or touched.  

- Other marine animals: Although rare, some other marine animals may be aggressive if they feel threatened or provoked, such as certain octopuses or moray eels. 


- Widespread danger: It is a myth that diving is extremely dangerous due to constant animal attacks. The vast majority of encounters between divers and marine animals are peaceful and safe.  

- Natural aggressiveness: Most marine animals are not inherently aggressive towards divers. In general, attacks occur when animals feel threatened, harassed, or when divers invade their personal space.  

In summary, animal attacks on divers are exceptional and rare. Diving is an exciting and safe activity when safety guidelines are followed and the marine environment and wildlife are respected. Marine animal encounters are often one of the most memorable and fascinating experiences for divers. It is important to educate yourself about marine wildlife behavior and practice responsible diving to minimize any potential risks. 

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